Str8 Exsakt

Str8 har kommit ut med en ny ännu mindre kompass. Med samma tekniska prestanda som Original och Kompakt finns det nu en kompass som vill ha något ännu smidigare.

1095,00 kr


The most exciting new compass for 2023. Using the same exacting technical performance metrics and features as the Original and Kompakt, the new Str8 Exsakt brings everything within reach, literally.

With just 30mm of reach and 76mm length, the Exsakt gives precise navigating new and even higher standards. Improving the sense of touch and thumbing closer yet holding the map flat and firm are unparalleled advantages.

The Exsakt more than any other compass matches the intcreasing demands of high speed ultra accurate navigating for the modern orienteer.

The new V2 needle is a step ahead of the competition and continues to be the most trusted compass for success.

Str8 innovations: Adjustable thumb angle. Offset capsule. Full view main pointer with twin outside pointers. V2 low resistance needle technology. Aluminium capsule protector. Anti slip map gripper. Precision magnifier mounting points. And much more..


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